POP NEXT needs you!

Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) is currently the most common chronic liver disease in Western and Eastern countries and is expected to become the major indication for liver transplantation in the few next years.

The POP Next project, for «Patterns Of Practice in Nash and EXpectations for Therapies - Intercontinental survey» aims to understand current patterns of practice and physicians’ expectations for future therapies and management strategies in patients with NASH.
This intercontinental survey involves liver specialists from 8 countries: France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Romania, Spain, UK and USA, so that the diversity of the disease and of our health care systems are taken into account.

We would value your professional experience and ask you to answer this online questionnaire.

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All answers will be analyzed anonymously (except for the country of origin), confidentially and in aggregate form. IMPORTANTLY, there is no right or wrong answer . The only answer we are looking for is the one that is closest to your real life practice and your thinking about and understanding of the disease.

We thank you for your involvment and your precious contribution to this project, which has the potential to improve knowledge and future practice in NASH management.

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This project was undertaken in collaboration with, and funded by, Intercept Pharma Europe Limited.
Questionnaire content and editorial control of any related publications has throughout been with the project steering committee